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Passing the survival blanket around

Here the kids are passing around the survival blanket. If you've never tried one, you'll be very surprised at how much heat they hold in. I haven't studied it scientifically myself, but have tried them many times. I have heard that they retain up to 90% of your body heat. Since your body is about 100 degrees, this can be a very important survival tool to have in most any situation.

A few years ago my wife and I took our kids to Disney and it was great of course. One night we decided to stay for fireworks. Even though we weren't dressed for a cooler evening, we figured we'd be fine and decided to stay. Once it got dark, it got cold and one of our kids was falling asleep in the stroller. He was complaining about getting very cold so we had to make a decision. We would have to get him warmer or leave. This wasn't exactly a survival situation, but being the "survival dork" that I'm often jokingly referred to as, I had one of my backpacks with us. It is often referred to as a possibles bag, or a bugout bag or even a survival kit. In that survival bag was a few of these survival blankets. After taking some ribbing from my wife, I covered my son with the survival blanket and took the light jacket that was covering him to give it to my daughter and they were both very warm and comfortable the rest of the evening. Survival and preparedness isn't just about getting out alive, but being healthy and comfortable as well. The bottom line is that the person that prepares for some things will be far better off that everyone else no matter what happens. It's not about the END OF THE WORLD - It's not about surviving a hypothetical PLANE CRASH - It's about the SATISFACTION YOU GET knowing you can take care of yourself and/or your family in ANY SITUATION, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

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