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Runner Up: Wyatt Hadlock

Here is the entry from runner up Wyatt Hadlock of Orem, UT. Wyatt will be receiving a free Bridgford Food item. Here is his entry:

Scout Survival Kit ~Survival Gear is only as good as the ability of the person who uses it.
The Ten Essential Groups:
All items should be small and stored in Fanny Pack, Back Pack, Or Vest.
If they are not with you they won’t do you any good.
These Items in This Survival Kit Provide For a Variety of Basic Survival Needs
3 Of Each Area Is Recommended, 1 Of Each Area Is Required.
Some Items Fall into More Than One Category

1. Medical - Lip Balm(Chap Stick), toilet paper in plastic bag (2), ibuprofen, band-aids, first aid kit, medications, insect repellent, hand sanitizer, 3m Vetbond (Super Glue)$15, Rubber Gloves
2. Shelter - rain gear, emergency blanket, tarp, rope, grocery sacks/garbage sacks, poncho
3. Communication - Light Stick, whistle, signal mirror, pen/pencil and paper, cellular phone, safety plan
4. Navigation - map, Engineer compass, flashlight, GPS, orange marking tape
5. Fire (pick 3) - 25 Strike Anywhere waterproof Matches In Water Proof Match Case, lighter, magnesium firestarter or firesteel, metal match, Fresnel lens, Petroleum Jelly Saturated Cotton Balls
6. Hydration - water container, water purification tablets, water filter straw, Bandanna/Water Filter Cloth
7. Nutrition - food, Omega-3 pills, fishing kit
8. Insulation - jacket, warm hat, gloves, proper footwear, closed-cell foam pad
9. Protection - sunscreen, UV Sunglasses, wide-brimmed hat, pepper spray
10 Tools - Swiss Army knife, repair kit, wristwatch, carabineers, multi-tool, Safety Pins, Duct Tape, Knife steel, Heavy Duty Rubber Bands, Shoe Laces, Extra Batteries

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