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Runner Up: Mikaela Shafer

Here is the entry from runner up Mikaela Shafer of Ogden, UT. Mikaela will be receiving a free Bridgford Food item. Here is their entry:

As a family of nerds and bike geeks out survival kit is pretty interesting. We started our kit a few years ago when out daughter was born. After reading the zombie survival guide we because convinced of impending doom and decided it was best to be prepared. here is what we keep in our kit which we keep in 2 Rubbermaid containers and that we add to regularly:

3 backpacks one for me my husband and our daughter each backpack contains: a roll of duct tape, a pack of water purifying pills, a first aid kit, twine, scissors, a sewing kit, leather gloves, a survual blanket, sunscreen, emergency food bars, a bike repair kit, solar charger, rechargable batteries, chap stick, bobby pins, toothpaste, toothbrush, dr bronners, a a few comic books ( mine has walking dead, my husbands has x mena nd my daughter has spiderman) and a crank flashlight radio.

Outside the backpacks we have a few more comics, a spare solar charger, the zombie survival guide, a survival kit with flint starters, waterproof matches, candles, a mirror, first aid kit, snake bite kit ( we live in utah), ammunition, 8 week underwear from REI, thermals for my daughter, emergency food, a gallon of water, water purifyer, 2 machetes, a teddy bear and a dinosaur 3-d puzzle, grapefruit seed extract, a few books on plant identificationa nd medicine, a hammer, 4 bike tubes, a helmet, red lipstick and FINALLY! starwars monopoly the original edition.

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