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Runner Up: Charles M. Heinlen

Here is the entry from runner up Charles M. Heinlen of Okanogan, WA. Charles will be receiving a free Bridgford Food item. Here is his entry:

Here are just the basics of my personal survival kit, truncated for personal reasons:

1) fire steel and a couple of books of matches. Must have FIRE! Even in warm weather, evenings can get cool here. It alerts rescue crews and keeps large predators (such as bears and cougars) at bay, allowing one to sleep at night. Green wood, for smoke, is an excellent insect repellent as well.

2) KABAR knife, reproduction. Adequate for skinning, whittling spikes, and other tasks, the simple, tried-and-true KABAR is absolutely the best, most functional, all around kife design for personal survival (and yes, defense) ever devised!

3) Paracord. Obviously.

4) Tarp, behind the seat of the pickup. Can be used for collecting morning dew, as well as other tasks.

5) Hatchet. Alongside the KBAR, it is potentially one of the most essential of tools. A definite "must have" in the trunk of any car, at all times.

6 and 7) a good paperback and a couple of cigars. This may not sound like "survival" gear, but mood and morale are critical, especially if one is travelling alone. A little comfort, diversion, and pleasant distraction can keep the spirits up--which can ultimately effect the outcome on a myriad of levels.

There is, naturally, more to the kit but I hope this sparks some thought, and look forward to reading what others have shared and learning from their experiences as well.

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