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Runner Up: Neal Heupel

Here is the entry from runner up Neal Heupel of Laramie, WY. Neal will be receiving a free Bridgford Food item. Here is his entry:

I built my basic survival kit from this list, but added to it, to include things like personal protection, gillnets for fishing, shotgun for hunting etc (see below). Camping gear for survival situation when the house gets destroyed is a must, normally the foundation and crawlspace remain intact: we could basically move right in. I think the location of your survival kit makes a major difference. You can have all the stuff in the world, but if the tornado just sucked it out of your reach, you are screwed. It has to be where it is safe and sound, and accessible, and where you are gonna be located with it. My backpack have water filtration and purification tablets. My mom and I home-canned 14 quarts of chicken, tastes damn good too. They did that during WWII to store food. I also have freeze dried fruit and beef in #10 cans. All the stuff that you can put away helps, I want a case of that butter that you guys sell, that is next on my list. I have freeze dried milk, not powdered milk, and challenge you to taste the difference from fresh. It is that good!! Look up Tomorrows Harvest for that Milk. It is the only one that carries the Real Milk label, no other on the market does. I also have lots of trading stock, medication like morphine, davocet, and albuterol. It will all come in handy to swap for other needed items. Quality boots and sunglasses too.

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