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Runner Up: Lauren Roseman

Here is the entry from runner up Lauren Roseman of Placitas, NM. Lauren will be receiving a free Bridgford Food item. Here is her entry:

My Survival Kit/ Stocking List:

Food Items

Non perishable can & dry goods:
4 -25 lb bags of Wheat (non-GMO-Made in U.S.A)
3 - 25 lb bags of Long-Grain Rice (Made in U.S.A)
2 - 25 lb bags of Baking Yeast
1-35 lb bucket of Powdered Milk
1 box- 48 packages of Ramen Noodle Soups
6 -17.6 oz packs of Organic Spaghetti Noodles (dry)
6- 17.6 oz packs of Organic Macaroni (dry)
1- 6 lb can of Baked Beans
1- 7 lb can of Refried Beans
4- Large containers of Peanut Butter
2- 5 lb bags of Pancake Mix
1- 5 lb bag of Cornbread Mix
6- 32 oz Containers of Organic Chicken Broth
1- 3.785 liters of Corn Oil
2- 64 oz Maple Syrup
4- 16 oz Containers of Organic Honey
2- 24 oz containers of sea salt
2- 24 oz containers of Ground Cinnamon
1- 24 oz container of Ground Ginger
2- 24 oz containers of Taco Seasoning
2- 26 oz containers of Ground Pepper
2- 16 oz bottles of Vanilla Extract
1- 26 oz container of Lemon Pepper Seasoning
1- 4 lb container of Tang (drink mix)
24- 5.5oz bags of Lipton/Knorr Pasta Sides
4 -boxes of Hot Cocoa Mix (8 servings per box)
12- 4.23 oz Hershey Chocolate Bars (Ideal for bartering if not cooking)
2- 10 oz bags of Beef Jerky
1- 14.5 lb Container of Emergency Food Supply Kit (200 adult servings)
*Need more food for sure.

Additional Supplies:
30- 12 packs of Drinking Water
6- 12 Gallon Water Bottles-General Use Water

Health & Personal Care Supplies

First Aid Supplies
2 -16 oz bottles of Witch Hazel
3- 32 oz bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide
3 - 32 oz bottles of Alcohol ( 50%)
3- 8 fl oz bottles of Aloe Hand Sanitizer (non- alcohol based)
3- 8fl oz bottles of Hand Sanitizer (Alcohol based)
3- 3 packs of Mini-hand Sanitizer (alcohol based)
6- 6 oz bottles of Aloe Gel (Organic-Used for Burns, Cuts & Wounds)
2- 2 oz boxes of Diaper Rash Ointment
3- 0.33 oz Bottles of Triple Antibiotic Ointment
2- 1.5 oz Tubes of A&D Ointment
6- tubs of Petroleum Jelly (5 oz to 12 oz Tubs) Great tool for fire-starter uses.

3- 1/2 cc-5 doses per package of Sting Kill (For severe stings-Wasps, Bees, Scorpions, etc- I'm severely allergic to specific kinds of mosquitoes found that out after Hurricane Andrew and I was a hospital trailer for 4 hours getting treatment. )

4- 0.5 fl oz bottles of Eye Drops (Allergy and Artificial Tears Type)
1- Usable Eye Mask (Freeze type-For eye swelling or sinus relief)
8- 25 count per boxes of Silver Bandages
3- boxes of Medium Gauze
4- boxes of first aid wraps
2- Boxes of large & medium sized -Hand compression wraps
1- box of 2 count finger compression kits
2- Rolls of medical tape
2- boxes of large first aid bandages
2- General use first aide wrapping (3 ft total)
1- set of medical scissors

Oral Pain & Allergy Relief:
4- Bottles of Aspirin (175 pills per bottle)
4-Bottles of Ibuprofen (175 pills per bottle)
4-Bottles of Non-Aspirin Pain Reliever (120 pills per bottle)
2-16 oz bottles of Children's Benadryl (liquid)
2- 8 oz bottles of Children's Tylenol (liquid)
2- (18 drops) bags of Hall's
1- package of ISOP Iodine Tablets (16 pills)

Constipation Health: (Most Survival Foods have alot of preservatives- after experience I can say I wanted to die after eating too many MREs)

1- 50 count bottle of Gas Relief tablets
2- 16 oz bottles of Magnesium Citrate (oral liquid solution)
2- 75mg packages of Ranitide Tablets Acid Reducer (18 pills per pack)
1- Bottle of 150 count Antacid Tablets

Personal Hygiene:
4- 33.8 oz Bottles of Body Wash
6- 20 oz Bottles of Men's 3 in One (shampoo, conditioner & body wash)
4- Men's deodorants
6- Women's full size deodorants
6- (12 count per pack) Female Sanitary Napkins
10- Small containers of Baby Wipes (100 count per pack)
4- Plastic container of Cotton Balls, Q Tips and Gauze (150 count)
3- packages (set of 5 per pack) toothbrushes
6- Tubes of Tom's of Maine (non fluoride toothpaste)
4- Tubes of Aim Toothpaste (Fluoride Based Gel)
4- Dental Floss (multi-uses aside from oral health)
3- boxes of Diaper Trash bags (cheap little bags that are perfect for sanitary uses!)
6- 12 oz bottles of Baby Wash/Shampoo Three in ones
2- 12 oz Bottles of Saline Solution
3- 2 lb Cartons of Epsom Salts
2- 3 packs of Ladies Razors with built in Shaving Cream
2- 3 packs of Men's Razors
3- 16 oz Men's Shaving Cream/Foam

Bug Out Bag List - 3 Backpacks Pre-loaded for a Family of 5 (two children under 5):

3- pre packaged doses of Excedrin Migraine
4- pre packaged doses of Tylenol Pain Reliever
1- 33 oz bottle of Tylenol for Children
1- 5mg package (25 tablets) Bisacody usp Stimulant Laxative
1- 5mg (12 tablets) bottle of Anti-Diarrheal Tablets
2- 120 count Dietary Supplement Pills
1 -General First Aid Kit
2- boxes of Silver Bandages (25 bands per box)
2- 6 oz bottles of Hand Sanitizer
2- Bars of Anti bacterial soap
1- 100 count Wet Wipe package
1- Tube Tent (4 person)
1-mini AM/FM radio
1- 5ft Nylon Cord
6- Rain Ponchos
4- Survival Thermal Blankets
4- Emergency Masks
4- Pairs of Disposal Medical Gloves
2- Tough Use Gloves
6- Packages of Datrex Emergency Rations (17.7 oz)
30- Datrex packaged emergency water servings (4.227 oz per packet)
2- Portable Ovens
--Stansport Fold a Stove with burner candles
--Camper Stove- Pocket Cooker (no candle burners needed-Fire ready)
1- Emergency Snap Light
4- Washcloths (cloth)
2- Flashlights with back up C/D Batteries
1- box of Waterproof Matches (12 matches)
2- Bic Lighters
2- Swiss Army (full size) Fire Steels
1- Bag of Cotton Balls (100 count) (used as fire starter)
1- Petroleum Jelly Tub (12 oz) -used as fire starter or first aid
1- Box of Ziploc Bags (Gallon use)
1- Emergency Whistle
2- Compasses
1- Potable Aqua

1- Steripen Journey LCD - Over one thousand uses to purify and sterilize water by the liter or gallon. (Best Investment I have ever made for general use- at the moment it is wrapped up in Aluminum foil and stored in a waterproof bag. Ready to bug out if needed)

1- Gerber Multi-Tool 600 ( I love this tool, I picked this up from Sprauge's for under dollars)
1- General Use Utility Knife (cheap secondary tool)
2- Containers of Pepper Spray (one joggers Pepper Spray and mini size for travel)

2- USB drives wrapped in aluminum foil and stored in zip-lock bag to preserve data: i.e. Genealogy records, financial records etc)

Several Local Maps and State Maps (for worst case bug out scenario)

Emergency Contact List- Living Will and Final Will and Testament, Birth Certificates for all family members.

General Use Items

6- Boxes of Reusable Vaccum sealer bags (12 count total)
4- packages of reusable clothing bags (storage and bug out)
6- Duct Tape Rolls
4- Large Boxes of Matches
1- American Red Cross Emergency Radio (with charger)
1 - Set of reusable batteries with solar charger (hold's charge for 3 years)
6- Religious Candles (Cheap and reusable!)
3- Hurricane Lamps (need Oil, having a hard time finding lamp oil!)
2- Flashlights (general use)
4- 3 packs of Steel Wool (fire starter and cleaner for projects)
3- packages of Tack Cloth (general use)
2- 12 oz cans of WD-40
1- Bag of 100 Tea lights
2-Decks of Cards
Board Games

Off the Grid Health & Survival:
Depression Garden Prep Kit- 50,000 seeds (NON GMO-Heritage Seeds)
2-Planter Starter Kits
24 Essential Oils-Misc. Holistic use

Survival Books & Essential Books of Use:

Jude's Herbal Home Remedies

Old Farmer's Almanac Home Remedies- Old Farmer's Almanac Collection

Home Remedies for Cats (Veterinary Written) --For our pets

First Aid for Babies & Children FAST by John Hopkin's University DK publishing

American Red Cross First Aid & Safety Handbook by American Red Cross

Country Wisdom and Know How- Everything you need to live off the land --Everything you would ever like to know about living off the land, self reliance, etc.

The Settlement Cookbook by Mrs. Simon Kander (Published 1945) --Instructions on Canning, preservation, fire-less cookers, building fires, vitamin values, making infant food (non formula with the proper vitamin values included), milk free diets, vegetable only diets, making home remedy teas, etc.

* In my opinion Antique books, from pre and post depression, are ideal to get a hold of!

*Back up plan for any other survival literature, printed out from computer and stored in waterproof bags. Internet will be down most likely.

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