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WINNER: Clarence Edward Hagler

**WINNER** Clarence Edward Hagler from Oklahoma City, OK. Here is Clarence's entry! Congratulations Clarence!

My Survival Kit includes a lot of canned food. and a mess kit. I put this kit together out of stuff I already owned and about in canned goods purchased from local grocery stores. I do not have any money to buy a lot of stuff.

I have a Styrofoam box (used to mail frozen meat to me years ago) I have had stored in a shed, I put it inside a large cardboard box that holds it and leaves some space above the Styrofoam box. The box itself can be used as a cooler (or to keep things warm), It could also be used to hold water for washing-lined with a large trash bag. I put some large trash bags between the Styrofoam box and the cardboard box.

I place the mess kit on top of the Styrofoam box. Inside the mess kit I have a small lighter and a p38 style can opener. This is to have something to cook food in even if I donít get any other pots or pans.

Also on top I place a small supply of foam plates and cups along with a pair of jersey gloves. Inside the gloves I place a Leatherman style tool, a small folding saw (3 inch blade) I also keep a small plastic bag with a length of fishing line, 7 fish hooks, several weights and 2 corks and couple of swivels for fishing line. I also have a small length of picture hanging wire and 10 feet of cotton cable cord.

I would also grab the survival knife I have. It features an 8 inch blade and a hollow handle that contains a compass in the lid, small lighter and a p38 can opener as well as a small plastic bag containing some fishing line, hooks, thread, needle, button, and several matches. I would also grab some guns and ammo I have (no details on those)

The box includes the following items:

15 oz Great Northern Beans, canned 2
16oz Dry Pinto beans-bag 1
15 oz Pork and Beans, canned-Van Camp's 2
15oz Sweet Peas, canned 2
14.5 oz Green Beans, canned 2
15.25 oz Sweet Corn, canned 2
20 oz Pineapple Slices, canned 1
12.5 oz Chicken Breast, canned 1
15 oz Beef Ravioli, canned 1
5 oz Vienna Sausage 2
6oz tomato paste 1
10 oz Soup-Cream of Mushroom 2
10.75 oz Soup-Cream of Chicken 1
10.75 oz Soup-Tomato 1
26 oz Plain Salt 1
6 1/2 oz Yellow Corn Muffin mix 2
4.4 oz Alfredo Pasta, dry 1
4.3 oz Parmesan Fettucini 1
13.25 oz Linguine, dry (whole wheat) 1
.13 oz Kool Aide-Cherry 2
.16 oz Kool Aide-Tropical Punch 3
25 oz Dish Soap 1
16 oz Hydrogen Peroxide 1
2.8 oz Deodorant 1
.75 oz Toothpaste-Colgate 1
200 mg Ibuprofen 18
bar Bath Soap 2
6 oz Olives-black, canned 1
28 oz Tomatoes- diced, canned 1
8 oz Tomato sauce, canned 1
13 1/2 oz Spinach-chopped, canned 1
15 oz Apple Sauce-unsweetened, canned 1
10 3/4 oz Chicken Noodle Soup, canned 1
10 1/2 oz Chicken with Rice soup, canned 1
9.5 oz Shave Cream 1

There are several undocumented items such a few packets of hot chocolate, q-tips, a miniature first aid kit (several band-aids and not much else) and a few disposable razors (to go with the shaving cream-an addition by my wife)

The intent is that if we have to bug out we would grab this and another Styrofoam box that we have and use to bring food home and fill it with stuff from the freezer/ice box. We would also grab a plastic Wal-Mart bag and fill it with the prescription meds my wife keeps in a small basket and could be quickly grabbed. We would also grab some pots and pans including a cast iron skillet I keep on top of the ice box. As well as some spatulas, spoons, etc. we keep handy in the kitchen, throwing those in a bag as well as whatever fresh potatoes, onions we currently have on hand.

We would grab the dog food, dog food bowls and the dogs. We would also grab some blankets we have handy.

We would load all of this into the SUV and hit the road for a Brother in law who lives miles away and outside of the city.

I estimate this would last me and my wife about 1 week without fishing/hunting.

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