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Wild Camas from Tracy in Fernwood, ID

I would like to submit this photo of a Wild Camas (Camassia Quamash) for your "Wild Edibles" give away. They were a staple of the native peoples of our area. According to what I have read, they were harvested in the fall after the leaves had withered. The bulbs, when dried, can be pounded into flour. I understand that when baked, like a potato, they are sweet. They can also be boiled.

WARNING: Death Camas bulbs, which are not Camas at all, are poisonous. The bulbs of the Death Camas are almost identical to, and easily mistaken for, true Camas. You must identify the plant by its flower.

Currently, I only use Camas as a cut flower. Our entire front pasture is full of them and they are beautiful to behold when in full bloom...a sea of purple! It is, however, reassuring to me to know that I have a nutritious edible in abundance, available to me should I ever need it for my family.


NOTE: We post these plants pics for entertainment only and are not recommending that you go out and eat anything that we post. If you intend to try these wild plants or the like or anything we post, make sure you are 100% sure of what you are doing. Learn from an expert and double/triple verify. Itís only up to you and no one else!

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