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Live Forever, Orpine, Sedum

"This is a great plant right in the middle. The first time I learned it, I came home and found that we had two of them growing around the gardens in our yard. Do you know this one?"

Answer: Live Forever, Orpine, Sedum

Facts: This is an interesting wild edible plant for me because it is also a garden plant. In fact I learned it a while ago at Marty's wilderness survival school, but didnít really have it down until recently. My mother is really into plants and gardening, but while she isnít into wild edibles, she still finds it interesting. We have this plant in our landscaping and gardens around our house. Recently when she was over and slaving away in our garden, I asked her what it was. Itís funny that while Iím in the woods, Iím always looking for plants and then notice this plant around my house. I learned it as Live Forever, but when I asked my Mom what it was called, she said Orpine. I had remembered that Marty also referred to it by that name, looked it up in my book and right then locked this wild edible plant in my memory. Both she and I tried the leaves and they are very tasty as I remembered.

Many people that study survival skills consider learning and mastering a skill as ďowning thatĒ skill. As far as Iím concerned, I now own this very tasty and nutritious wild edible plant.

The Petersons Edible Wild Plant Guide says ďUSE: Salad, cooked green, Cooked vegetable, pickle. The young leaves can be added to salads or boiled for 5-10 min. The crisp tubers can be boiled for 20 min. and served with butter, or pickled in seasoned vinegarĒ.

One thing to consider with wild edibles is allergic reactions. Since you've probably never had this or that plant, you could be the one in a million that is allergic to it just as some people are allergic to strawberries for example. Just beware.

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