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Bloodroot Plant

"Any idea what this plant is? Thanks to our friends at the Wilderness Learning Center for the pic"

Answer: Bloodroot Plant

Facts: This is a very cool wild wild medicinal plant. First of all the leaves are pretty distinctive. In fact, it wasnít until a month or two ago that I knew I had Bloodroot on my own land. I have 5.5 acres on the edge of a medium sized town. I have about 1.5 acres with the house, deck, driveway, pool and grass to mow and the rest are woods for my kids and I to explore. One of the interesting things about wild edible plants is that they may appear and disappear or even move from year to year. Iím sure there is a scientific answer to this, but I havenít taken the time to learn it yet. All I know is that I see bloodroot on my land and have not in the past. Of course this could very well be because I know more this year and itís been there all along and I just noticed it. Who knows?

What makes bloodroot cool and actually shocking is the color of the juice that comes from the root. Itís an orange / red color and looks like blood. The Petersons guide says that it can be used in small doses as an appetite stimulant among other things. I have heard that is can be used as an antiseptic on cuts. All Iíve done a bunch of times is pluck it and rub the red juice on my hand and thought it was neat. As always, this is all for educational purposes and fun, so do your own research.

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