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Inside pic of the survival shelter

My Dirt Time Here you can see the inside of our "fort" as my son called it. Very simple. Sleeping bags, camp pads, survival blankets, tarp and trees. Nothing to it. It's funny that that really is all a survival shelter is. It's just a fort that any kid could build and simply put, it can save your life.

I was reading the other day about a professional search party that went looking for a lost hunter or hiker, I forget. The guy had a little survival training and as soon as he realized he was lost, he did the right thing. He stopped and took inventory of his situation and gear. He made himself a survival shelter, put out some signals and stayed put rather than pannicking, wearing himself out getting injured or farther out of the search area. Soon the search part showed up and actually had to spend the night in his survival shelter and wait for the coming storm to pass before they hiked out.

Once again it shows that the most valuable survival tool is your brain!

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