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Our survival bags

My Dirt Time In this pic my son and I are out for a hike with a few of our other winter camping friends. As I recall it was about 10-15 degrees. It was a beautiful hike to the river. You can see that I have a bag strapped across my chest and he has a little bag on him too. while we do leave the whole 20 or 30+ pound packs back at camp, we don't go anywhere without these small packs. Especially in these temps. He has a whistle. It's a lot easier to blow a whistle for a long time while lost than it is to yell. We both have fire making materials. We each have a couple survival blankets, some munchies and other various items. My son has some basic first aid gear, I have a little more in my pack. I put together my own first aid kit including the Quick Clot right up front.

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