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Using Jerry's buckets to get water

Here Jerry, John and I (taking the picture) are gathering water from the stream. The three of us just took a little hike down the AT with a couple water buckets to carry back to camp. The AT in the area we were was a very nice trail as you can see from the bridge to Jerryís right. It was very well made and functional.

As far as water, we were all set. A couple of the guys that joined us were local guys and had done quite a bit of work to get the camp set up for all of us. One of the things they did was to carry in a couple 5 gallon water jugs and just stash them in a little dip in the ground and cover them with leaves. Surprisingly they did not freeze. However, once we had it out of the hole, they started to freeze. We kept the plastic jug near the fire and had to cut a whole in the top because the spicket was frozen.

One of the things you might want to add to your winter camping equipment list is a very light, collapsible water carrier. Two of the best things about winter camping are no bugs and with snow all around, clean water is everywhere. However in our situation, we didnít have much snow on the ground, so we had to gather it from the stream and boil it. Some people like to use water filters when hiking and camping. However, this can be a problem if they freeze. So another piece of camping gear to have on your winter camping equipment list is something metal to boil water in. I like to have a canteen cup or two with me anytime Iím in the woods. They are very handy for so many things. You can boil water, cook and mix food, dig, gather wild edibles and so much more. Klean Kanteens stainless steel water bottles are also great for boiling water and have recently become very popular. It's not about the END OF THE WORLD - It's not about surviving a hypothetical PLANE CRASH - It's about the SATISFACTION YOU GET knowing you can take care of yourself and/or your family in ANY SITUATION, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

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