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Various fire starting ideas

Here are some more ideas for fire starting that we worked with. What I did here was to get the kids to use their heads and powers of observation. We looked around the woods and the camper to see what we could use to make fire starting easier. Of course we were vary careful and tried many things. Beside the natural materials around us we learned to look on the back of various containers and see if it said anything like “Flammable” on the container. Once we found some, I was of course the first one to try a bit. For example, the WD-40 was sprayed lightly on a piece of wood and then I threw a spark at it to see what it would do. I did the same with the bug spray and some other products. The WD-40 and bug spray worked great. Once we established that, I let them spray a little (while I was right with them) on a paper plate, or a paper towel, or ruffled up newspaper, various barks and grasses etc. You get the idea. Once we did that I had them throwing the sparks and they were working with the idea of what it takes to start a fire. Once they got that down, we went about gathering the preps for a fire. We got the tinder, small sticks, little larger sticks and then thicker sticks and some small logs. When we were ready to make the fire for the night, each of them got to make a little fire in the fire pit and once they all did that, they added a little more wood and so on. Then we put the fires together and we had a nice campfire. Of course a campfire with kids around can be fun, but isn’t nearly as relaxing for me as if I were hanging out with adults. Every time one of the kids got up, I watched were they walked and made sure they walk around the outside of the chairs and there was no horseplay.

Again, teaching kids survival skills while family camping is great for them, but also for me. I learn even more by teaching others than if I just do it myself. Teaching kids survival skills comes with responsibility also. Our friends that joined us for a day or so also had kids. The girl about the same age as our girl, loved the fire starting skills. She stuck with it more than anyone else did and she picked it up well. Of course her parents were aware of and ok with what I was teaching them. In fact I gave her one of the fire starters and her parents were also aware of and ok with that. It's not about the END OF THE WORLD - It's not about surviving a hypothetical PLANE CRASH - It's about the SATISFACTION YOU GET knowing you can take care of yourself and/or your family in ANY SITUATION, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

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