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Various survival fire starters

One thing to note is that this all might appear to be the type of things one might say “my kids wouldn’t do this kind of stuff, we’re city people”. We aren’t exactly country folk. We have 5 acres on the edge of a medium size town. Most of the 5 acres are wooded so we do go out back and hike now and then, but for the most part our kids are city kids. Our daughter has been riding horses since she was three, but most of the kids activities are typical of city people. I do make every attempt to get them in the woods and even when we’re driving down the road sometimes I’ll say “Kids, what kind of tree or plant is that?” and they’ll sometimes come back with the right answer “wild carrot” or staghorn sumac” etc. They are probably just humoring Daddy, but you never know when a little extra knowledge about your surroundings might come in handy.

In the pic here you can see various survival fire starters that we worked with. Clockwise from the keychain in the bottom of the pic is the following. On the keychain itself is quite a few things I like to have on me at all times. One is an extra set of keys for the house, car and office. These aren’t the keys I use daily, they are a backup always in my pocket just in case. Next on the keychain is a small led flashlight , a small Inka pen, a gun safe key, marbles compass, a roll of thin wire, a grocery store bonus card, an Uncle Bill's Sliver Gripper El Mar Tweezers, Strike Master K1 Magnesium/Flint Mini Survival Fire Starter.

Above the keychain is the Blast Match from Ultimate survival. Unfortunately they have gone out of business. Above that is the Swedish FireSteel ARMY Fire Starter, the white stuff to the right is the fire starting tinder from the BCB International Ltd. Matchless Fire Starter Set and below that is the kit itself with a couple cotton balls that come with it. A great survival skill to work on kids with and can be great for the boy and girl scouts also is to make one of the best survival fire starters around. Have the kids get cotton balls and Vaseline. If you rub the Vaseline into the cotton balls and totally cover the cotton balls and work it through the cotton, it will become a terrific fire starter that will take a spark from any fire starter and burn easily long enough and hot enough to get a campfire going. You can also have the kids bring little containers (some people prefer film cans, but even a ziplock bag will work.) and keep the tinder they’ve made in the container for future use. To use the new fire starters they’ve made, have them pull apart the Vaseline impregnated cotton balls so you can throw the sparks at the small threads and you’ll be surprised at what a great wilderness fire starter they’ve made. It's not about the END OF THE WORLD - It's not about surviving a hypothetical PLANE CRASH - It's about the SATISFACTION YOU GET knowing you can take care of yourself and/or your family in ANY SITUATION, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

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