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Survival Kit Company Advises to Prepare for Natural Disaster, Terrorism, Hostile Countries


A survival kit in today’s uncertain times is not only smart but necessary, says Tom Sciacca, President of, a company specializing in the sale of Meals Ready to Eat (MREs), water purification systems and other survival gear.

He adds that North Korea has declared in recent years that it has nuclear weapons and is willing to use them against the U.S. Iran, another unpredictable and potentially hostile country, could soon have nuclear weapons as well, and terrorism is on the rise with most of it directed at American citizens. Also, the frequency and magnitude of natural disaster events, such as hurricanes and tropical storms, has been particularly troublesome in recent years.

It only makes sense to prepare for the worst.

One of the survival kit essentials Sciacca recommends is the MRE (Meals Ready to Eat), which have become well known because the military has purchased them to replace the much-maligned C-rations. MREs have a shelf life of up to 12 years, require no water to reconstitute, and can be eaten right out of the bag since they’re already cooked. carries a full selection of MREs from Sopakco, a distributor that is one of the official MRE suppliers for the Department of Defense.

Examples of MRE entrées are: Beef Stew Beef Ranchero Meat Loaf Cheese Tortellini, Beef Ravioli Minestrone Chili, with Macaroni Jamaican, Pork Chop, Chicken with Cavatelli, Beef with Mushrooms, Red Beans with Rice, Pasta with Vegetables, Black Bean and Rice Burrito, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and Chicken & Rice Pilaf.

Ideally, families should have supplies available in their survival kit to insure survival for at least three days during a natural disaster or other event, said Sciacca, which is the estimated time needed for relief to reach areas struck by a hurricane or other emergency situation.

“Sometimes I have people criticize me for making preparations ‘just in case this or that happens,’” said Sciacca, an avid outdoorsman and former Marine. “However that isn't the way I look at it. I don't prepare for a hurricane or a flood or terrorist attack; rather I prepare to take care of my family in case I have to leave home or stay at home during any kind of disaster – whether it is manmade or natural… MRE's are one great way to do that.”

In addition to MREs he said another essential for emergency situations is water purification. offers several systems from water filters to chemical purifying agents at These are also worth keeping on hand as contamination of local water systems becomes an increasingly common occurrence.

About is a subsidiary of JHL Supply, a leading vendor of HVAC tools and equipment. The company is continuously updating and adding new hurricane and natural disaster survival products to the Web site while maintaining the ease of use that customers appreciate. It specializes in offering water purification products and products usable in a survival kit.

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