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MREs Make Camping More Palatable


Fulton, NY (PRWEB) May 22, 2006 -- Camping in the national parks, national forests, state parks and wilderness areas is as much a part of the traditional summer vacation as s’mores. Packing enough food for a camping trip used to be one of the tasks everyone wanted to avoid. No longer. announces reliable availability and competitive pricing on Meals Ready to Eat (MREs).

MREs weren’t designed specifically for vacationers camping in national parks and wilderness areas, but they make such adventures a lot less stressful. The MRE was originally designed by the U. S. Department of Defense for use by the armed forces. Designed by leading nutritionists and chefs, they are both tasty and convenient.

The demands of camping trips require meals that meet very high standards and guarantees that their MREs are the real thing, not something hastily assembled by imitators. They are light, compact, require no water to reconstitute, and can even be eaten without heating since they are already cooked.

MREs are packed in pouches that make them ideal for road trips. They utilize the latest food-storage technology, which means that the flavor doesn’t deteriorate during a shelf life of over 12 years when stored at around 60 degrees. The MREs offered by are packed by Sopakco, the leading supplier to the military.’s MREs come in a factory sealed box of 12, two each of six different menus. Each meal includes an entrée, a side dish, a dessert, a cracker pack, a spread, a beverage powder, coffee, creamer, sugar, salt, napkin, wet nap, and a spoon. Whether enjoying the national parks or keeping supplies on hand for natural disasters and other emergencies, MREs are an ideal solution.

Main entrees change frequently depending upon the items currently being produced by’s suppliers. At the end of a strenuous day exploring the treasures of national parks and other natural wonders, it’s a relief to enjoy beef stew, pork chops, chicken and rice pilaf and many other dishes without the need for extensive preparation.

Those considering camping trips this summer may want to learn more about MREs by accessing the FAQ site’s MRE page can be accessed at

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