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After the success we received with our Camping Survival Facebook page, we decided to begin a little experiment with YouTube. We plan to film and upload daily video blogs every couple of days. These vlogs may involve many different things, from product reviews to tutorials or just showing off the latest and greatest items. Here are our vlogs so far:

Tom Sciacca of shows off the newest packaging of one of our top sellers, Sopakco MRE, Meals Ready to Eat. These MREs are available now for purchase at or simply by clicking here.

In today's vlog, president Tom Sciacca takes you into the warehouse to show off one of our favorite items - paracord! Paracord has almost an uncountable amount of uses, from emergency shelter building to fashionable bracelets! You name it! Here we see that paracord also comes in a countless array of colors and lengths! Check them all out now by visiting or simply by clicking here.

In today's Camping Survival video blog, Tom Sciacca unveils the contents of one Wise Foods Storage bucket. These are ready made meals in nitrogen packed pouches, with a 25 year shelf life! Wise Foods are in stock and ready to ship at or simply by clicking here.

Today, Camping Survival's Tom Sciacca shows off an awesome bag from Sandpiper of California. These gear bags and backpacks are top quality, well made, and extremely durable. Sandpiper of California offers a wide variety of these amazing bug out bags, so it's easy to find the perfect one to fit your needs. They are perfect for hauling around all your gear! Check out these bags by visiting or simply by clicking here.

In today's video blog, Camping Survival's Tom Sciacca takes us inside the paracord factory that manufacturers the paracord we sell on our site. Not only will you get to see strength tests performed on paracord, but you'll get to see it in the process of it being weaved, and of course the final product. Take a look to see how well constructed and durable this multi-use product really is! A wide variety of paracord is available on or simply by clicking here.

Today, Tom Sciacca from goes over our top selling survival food bars. These three different food bars - Datrex, Mayday, and Mainstay are all long shelf life survival bars. These bars are available in different sizes, and different flavors on our website or by clicking here.

In this edition of the video blog, Tom Sciacca welcomes Kevin Estela and other members of the Wilderness Learning Center to the warehouse. Kevin does us the great favor of taking us through some of his favorite knots using paracord, these knots include: the Diamond Knot, the Scottish Knot (also known as Ian's Knot or Double Bow Knot), and a Whipping Knot, plus a few other paracord tips and tricks! Are you able to apply these knots in your own life? Look out for an upcoming giveaway involving knots! Special thanks to Kevin and the Wilderness Learning Center for stopping by and teaching us about knots!

In today's video blog, Tom Sciacca once again has the great fortune of having the Wilderness Learning Center's Kevin Estela in house. Today, Kevin takes us through his knife artillery, and shows us what he carries with him on a day to day basis.

In today's Camping Survival video blog, Tom Sciacca does a review of a AMK Heatsheet Survival Blanket. We sell many different kinds of survival & solar blankets on, Coghlan's Survival Blankets are very popular, however we have never tried out the AMK blankets before! How will this new blanket stack up against the rest? Watch to find out! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more tutorials and reviews of survival gear. Please visit to check out these solar blankets, or simply click: Heatsheet Survival Blanket, Other Survival & Solar Blankets.

In today's Camping Survival video blog, Tom Sciacca goes into the field to discuss fire starters. We get a lot of question about which is the best fire starter, or which fire starter is the right one for any particular person, so hopefully this video will help you decide. Not only that, but in this video you'll learn about ferrocerium rods, magnesium, and tinder. Featured fire starters in this video are the Blastmatch Fire Starter, Sparkie Fire Starter, Aurora Magnesium Fire Starter, Doan Magnesium Fire Starter, and the Spark-Lite Fire Starter. Also featured are a few different tinders, including the ever popular Wet Fire Tinder. Check out Fire Starters on

In today's Camping Survival video blog, Tom Sciacca reviews the brand new Rothco Special Ops Tactical Softshell Jacket. This jacket has many features which includes:

Outer Shell: 100% Polyester - Waterproof Inner: Fleece - Lightweight, Breathable, Moisture Wicking Fleece Lined Stand Up Collar With Concealed Detachable Hood Collar Has Zipper Pouch To Hold Hood When Hood Is Not Is Use Zippered Shoulder Pocket On Each Arm Zippered Forearm Pocket On Left Arm Two Front Slash, Zippered Chest Pockets Two Interior Zippered Pockets Two Zippered Back Pockets With Mesh Interior Vent Zipper Under Each Arm 4" X 4" Loop Side Of Hook & Loop On Each Shoulder For Patch Attachment Drawstring Waist Detachable Zipper Hood Elastic, Hook & Loop Adjustable Wrist Cuffs

If you are interested in purchasing this jacket, please click here!


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