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MRE, Meals Ready To Eat Dissection

If you spend much time outdoors, either dirt time or family camping, there's a good chance you've had an MRE. Of course the MRE was developed for the US military, but is now available to us civilians and we sell them like hotcakes. MRE's are so great because they have everything you need for food preparedness and more in one little approximately 1.5 pound plastic pouch that can have up to a 10 year shelf life or more. There are generally 6 different complete meals per case (2 of each) and are all brand new. Each case comes with 12 mains (entree's 2 of each), 12 side dishes (applesauce ect.), 12 dessert packs (cookie bar ect.), 12 cracker packs (8 squares each), 12 spreads (jelly ect.), 12 beverage powders, 12 coffees, creamer, sugar, salt, napkin, wet nap and a spoon. There are still many more uses for the various components if you have a little imagination which can be valuable in a survival or other situation. For example, you could use the pouch that it comes in as a water carrier or to gather rain water even.

MRE’s are great for survival, preparedness, camping, hiking, and all your dirt time because they are easy, durable and have all you need in one little spot.

Yes, I know this isn't strictly dirt time either. However, as opposed to my other sites that are retail sites and have to stay focused that way, this site is my fun site and I do with it what I like. I figured this would be fun and interesting. Plus MRE's are almost always a part of my dirt time.

I decided to do this in depth study/pictorial of our two main MRE’s because we get a lot of questions. Therefore, I figure there are a lot of people out there that are very curious about MRE’s. Some MRE questions are; “What are MRE’s?”, “What’s in an MRE?”, “How many and what kind of MRE’s are in a case?”, “How long do MRE’s last?”, and “Why should I buy MRE’s?”. I’ll try to answer all these questions and more in the pictures and text below.

Besides showing you a couple different MRE’s, I will also compare the two in several different ways as well as get some of the people here at JHL Supply to do taste tests and get their feedback. It's not about the END OF THE WORLD - It's not about surviving a hypothetical PLANE CRASH - It's about the SATISFACTION YOU GET knowing you can take care of yourself and/or your family in ANY SITUATION, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

Some pallets of MRE's in our warehouse
Some pallets of MRE's in our warehouse
Our two main MRE's
Our two main MRE's
Inside a case of MRE's
Inside a case of MRE's
The insides of the two MRE pouches
The insides of the two MRE pouches
Comparing MRE Entree's
Comparing MRE Entree's
Here goes the MRE taste test
Here goes the MRE taste test
MRE drink mix comparison
MRE drink mix comparison


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